Quadzig supports the following functionalities while visualizing your AWS Infrastructure.

Visualization Views

Quadzig currently offers 3 kinds of views

  1. Network View - Used to visualize all network related infrastructure.
  2. Infrastructure View - General view for all non-network related infrastructure.
  3. Resiliency View - A view that provides information about potential issues with your infrastructure. You can view potential problems by clicking on a resource and checking the Info Panel

Info Panel

You can view more information about a particular resource by clicking on it. This will open a side panel that has more information about the resource along with a console link that links to the AWS console for this resource.

Export CSV

You can export a CSV report of your infrastructure by clicking on 'Export CSV' button. You can choose the resources to include in the report by filtering/removing unwanted resources from the visualization. The generated CSV reports are sent to the registered email ID for security reasons.

Smart Layout

Quadzig intelligently layouts your resources so that resources are packed compactly. You can always move individual resources around to position them exactly as you need. Clicking on icon resets the visualization to initial state.

Refresh/Instant Sync

You can request an ad-hoc refresh of your infrastructure state with the 'Sync' option. This will trigger a Infrastructure Sync in the backend. Any new changes you have made to your infrastructure is usually available within a few minutes.

Please note that you can only trigger a Sync once every 60 seconds.

Pan & Zoom

Quadzig allows you to pan, zoom in and zoom out infinitely. You can always click on button to fit the resources to screen again. This is also handy if you zoom out too far and can't find your resources.


Quadzig allows you to selectively expand or collapse parent resources like VPCs & Subnets. This lets you focus on only the parts of your infrastructure that you care about. To Collapse/Expand a resource, right click on the resource and click on 'Expand/Collapse Resource' option.

Remove Resources

You can arbitrarily remove resources from visualization by right clicking on a resource and selecting 'Remove' option. This will only remove the resource from the current visualization. If you refresh the page, the resources will re-appear. If you would like to permanently remove a resource from visualization, have a look at Block Lists

Resource Filters

You can selectively hide a Resource Type by toggling the visibility setting in the filters section of visualization screen. For example, if you are not interested in visualizing Transit Gateways, you can filter them out using the Resource filter at top left corner.

You can also fiter resources by Region & AWS Account.

Open in Console

Quadzig lets you easily navigate your AWS infrastructure by providing AWS Console links wherever possible. You can access the link either through the information panel that appears when you click a resource or through the right click menu.

Share Image

You can share the current visualization by PNG format with the share Image option. Quadzig currently supports Email sharing.

Once you share a visualization with an email id, we will send the email id a secure link to download the image. This link is valid for 24 hours.

Note: Once you have shared an image with someone, it's not possible to undo it. You can write to us at and we will try to deactivate the sent link on a best effort basis.