What is Omnisearch?

Omnisearch is a powerful search feature to quickly find your cloud resources across all your AWS Accounts. You can either search for resources through specific attributes or you can perform a full text search across all your AWS resources.

Search Attribute Reference

You can find the full list of all Resource Types and their supported searchable attributes here.

Search Queries

Omnisearch supports 2 kinds of queries.

Key Value Pairs

You can perform a attribute based search by using the attribute:value syntax. For example, to search for EC2 instances of size t2.large, you would use the following query.


You can also combine multiple attribute:value pairs by separting them with the "," character to narrow down your search. All such pairs are combined with the 'AND' operator. For example, to search for all RDS Instances that have Multi-AZ feature enabled, you can run the following query

# the space after the "," character is optional and is only added here to improve the readability
rt:rds_instance, multi_az:true

There is no limit to the number of such key value pairs you can combine to narrow down your search.

Additionally, you can also perform free form text search on all your resources. For example, if you have a RDS instance named "quadzig-production-database", you can just search for quadzig-production-database to get a list of all resources that have quadzig-production-database in any of it's fields.

# Searches for "quadzig-production-database" string across all your resources.


Only 20 of the closest matching results are returned by default. We may increase this number and we may provide an option to export more than 20 results in CSV format in the future.

attribute:value format search is not supported on Tags. For example, if you have an EC2 instance tagged with Key "environment" & Value "production", the following query is not guaranteed to return that EC2 instance as the first result.

rt:ec2_instance, environment:production


If we fail to parse your query, we use your query to perform a full text search to provide you with the most likely result. Currently there is no indication in the frontend that notifies you about this behavior. This may change in the future.

Common attributes

Every AWS resource by default have the following 4 searchable attributes associated with it.

  1. rt - Resource Type
  2. aws_account_id - Your AWS Account ID
  3. account_name - AWS Account Name as defined in Quadzig
  4. region_code - The region to which the resource belongs

You can mix and match these 4 attributes to narrow down your search to a specific resource type or AWS Account or Region. You can view a list of all support Resource Types & Attribute values here

Other Attributes

Every AWS resource that Quadzig discovers is searchable through a set of attributes. For example, an EC2 Instance resource can be searched based on the following attributes

Values that are displayed in bold below are available on all AWS Resources. For a full list of all Resource Types and their supported attributes, please check here.

Attribute Name