Can I host Quadzig within my own AWS Account?

We are working on providing a marketplace offering to host Quadzig within your AWS Account. If you would like be part of the early Beta, please mail us at

Why is a Resource/Service not supported?

We are constantly adding support for new AWS Services & Resources. If there is a specific resource type that you would like Quadzig to support, mail us at

I am not able to download a visualization Image shared through Email ID

The download link provided in the email id is valid for 24 hours. If you did not download the image within 24 hours of receiving the email, please request the sender to share the visualization again.

I would like to provide AWS Access & Secret keys instead of provisioning an IAM Role.

Quadzig does not support provisioning AWS Account Access through Access & Secret Keys. Using Access & Secret keys is less secure compared to provisioning IAM roles. Quadzig follows the AWS recommended best practice of using Cross Account IAM Roles with External IDs to securely discover resources in your AWS Account.

Quadzig is not working for me on my browser.

Quadzig requires a modern browser with Javascript support function. For a list of browsers that's officially supported, please check here.

Why is my Resource X not showing up on the dashboard?

There are a variety of possible reasons for a resource to not show up on Quadzig visualization dashboard.

  1. The resource type may not be supported - For a list of supported resources, please check here.
  2. The Resource might be part of a VPC that is blocked in Quadzig - Quadzig allows you to block specific VPCs from being discovered. Please ensure that the resource you are trying to visualize is not part of a blocked VPC.
  3. You may have checked the 'Ignore Default VPCs' setting - Quadzig allows you to ignore default VPCs while visualizing your infrastructure. If you have enabled this setting, then resources in the default VPCs are not discovered/visualized as well.

What kind of information do you access from AWS Account?

Quadzig only accesses Infrastructure related information like AWS allocated Resource IDs. As a general rule, Quadzig only accesses information returned by Describe* API calls for AWS Resources. Quadzig DOES NOT have access to any data you have within your AWS infrastructure. For example, Quadzig does not have access to the data that you store in your EC2 Instances or RDS DBs.

I would like to report a technical issue

Please send us a mail at

I would like to report a security issue.

If you think that there is a security issue with Quadzig, please mail us at Thank you for taking the time to report the security issue.

Please DO NOT post any details about security issues/vulnerabilities on public forums or other publicly accessible sites. Please reach out to us and we will verify and address the issue on priority.

I would like to request a new feature.

Please mail us at

Can I add an AWS account to more than one Quadzig Account?

Yes, an AWS Account can be part of more than one Quadzig account.

I am part of a Nonprofit organization. Can I get a discount?

Yes, we have discounted rates for Nonprofit organizations. Please get in touch with and we will get back to you. This will be considered on a case by case basis.