Launching Quadzig

In order to launch Quadzig within your AWS Account, you need to launch the CloudFormation stack through the AWS Marketplace.

During the launch, you are asked for the following inputs in the Cloudformation Console.

Instance Size

The size of the EC2 instance where Quadzig applciation runs. We recommend that you choose a m5.large instance.

SSH Key Pair

The SSH Key pair that's added to the EC2 Instance.

Note: You can choose to not provide a SSH key. In this case, you will not be able to SSH into the instance. We recommend that you provide a SSH Key pair so that you can log into the EC2 Instance to perform administrative activities.

Web Access IP Range

You can restrict the web access to the Quadzig application by providing a CIDR range.

SSH Access IP Range

You can restrict the SSH access to the Quadzig application by providing a CIDR range.

Assign Public IP

You can optionally choose to assign a public IP so that the application is accessible from the Internet.

Static Private IP

You can assign a static IP from the available IP pool in the subnet that hosts the Quadzig EC2 Instance.


You need to select an existing VPC within which Quadzig EC2 Instance will be launched.


You need to select the subnet from the above mentioned VPC.

Application Access

Once you launch the Cloudformation Stack, you can access the application from the public/private DNS name of the EC2 Instance. This is available in the 'Outputs' section of the Cloudformation template.


When you open the Quadzig application for the first time, you will see a Security warning from the browser. An error message mentioning "Your connection is not private" or "Potential Security Risk Ahead". This is expected and this is not a security issue. Quadzig uses a dynamically generated self signed certificate to encrypt traffic between your browser and the Quadzig application. All browsers by default are configured to not trust self signed certificates. You can safely ignore this warning and access the aplication by clicking on 'Advanced' option and clicking 'Proceed to' on Chrome or 'Accept the Risk and Continue' button on Firefox.

Chrome Error

Quadzig requires a few minutes to set up the application when you launch the product for the first time. If you see an error or a screen that says "We are still working", please check back again in a few minutes. Setting this up should not take more than 5 minutes most of the time. If you are unable to access the application even after waiting for more than 10 minutes form the Cloudformation Stack launch, please get in touch with us at

We are still working

Once the application is set up, you will see a login screen prompting for a username and password. The default username is 'admin' and the password is the Instance ID of the EC2 Instance. You can obtain this from the 'Outputs' section of the Cloudformation template. Once you enter the correct login credentials, you are logged into the application and prompted to change the default password. We recommend that you change the default password from the 'Profile Settings' section in Quadzig.

Login Screen

You are now ready to start configuring Quadzig to visualize your infrastructure. Please look at Add AWS Account section for instructions on adding AWS Accounts to Quadzig.